Friday, August 04, 2006


This is 3am, Friday, but I can't upload this for whatever reason. So anyway...

Yes, the word of the day is... pirates! Arrrr!! Not only are pirates cool, but it also seems to be the common theme of the day for me. After awaking from my slumber at a leisurely hour, I flip on the tv to the history channel. There was this show about the canal system along the Atlantic coast, and the name Blackbeard came up. Apparently back in the 19th Century when pirates were a problem, they used to use the canals in an attempt to avoid pirates. They also just found Blackbeard's main vessel, whose name evades me at the moment, off the coast of I believe N. Carolina.

So feeling slightly more enlightened, I venture out to begin my day. First stop: haircut. I go in and sit down, and as the stylist is going to do whatever stylists do in that back room, I notice a book in his area that simply reads "Blackbeard." So of course I ask him about it as soon as he comes back, and this man is a walking wiki of Blackbearded knowledge and goodness. It was one of those moments where you catch someone in their element and it's just fascinating... sort of like if you asked me something about Japan and actually cared.

So he's sitting there telling me all about the pirate's code and their rules and ethics and stuff and I'm just eating it up. For instance, did you know that the only time a captain was actually in charge was when they went to battle, and that the captains were elected? Apparently all other decisions were made by a purely democratic election. Go figure. Then I pop him the magical question - pirates vs. ninjas. Surprisingly (to me at least), he went with the ninjas due to their determination and the fact that they were dedicated warriors unlike pirates. I thought for sure he'd throw a conditional in there like "unless they're on water" or something, but nope.

So that's that. The rest of the day was even more magical than that, but it's not the theme of the day. It's basically just me meeting up with various people and telling them the theme of the day. I will say though that I met a very cool person this week, and although I'm dissappointed that I don't get more time to know her I am definitely glad that I met her and definitely expect to be hearing more from her in the future. You know who you are. I'm just now starting to feel like I'm actually about to leave, and yet I just met someone new... it's good in that it balances out all the goodbyes that I've been forced to say lately. Thanks!

And I still haven't started packing. Looks like I get to pull another one of those all nighters before the flight, because tomorrow's going to be just as busy, I'm sure.

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