Monday, December 04, 2006

Sexless housewives?

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So in my wanderings around online today, I wandered across this little gem. Ever heard of the Sex Volunteer Corps? This is a rather interesting (to me) development that arose due to the large number of sexually deprived married women in Japan. Reading through these articles, apparently it's quite common for guys to not get down and dirty with their wives - one article said,
"The problem among many Japanese men is that fairly soon after they get married, they begin to see their wives as their mothers, there to cook and clean for them. That makes it very hard to find them sexually attractive again."
One subject in her 40's said the perverbial ship had not docked in her harbor in some 20 years, and another said that even after being married for years they both remained virgins! The doctor had this to say on the topic:
"It's usually cases where the couple have remained virgins all the while up until their marriage, then botch their first attempt on their wedding night and lose the confidence to ever try it again," the country's most renowned sex therapist says. "Even when they reach an age when their biological clock starts ticking at a frenetic case, they're hamstrung because they don't know how to go about doing it, and neither does the husband. What they need is expert care the very first time."
Wow, just wow. Now if you haven't heard, Japan is greatly in fear of the threat of an increasingly aging society - not enough people are having kids nowadays, so along with a decreasing population comes the worries that there won't be enough of a working class to support all the old people.

Not only does this put a strain on the economy, it also has made them look into alternatives such as foreign workers and such. The Japanese Diet had a meeting talking about the issue of foreign migrant workers recently though, and you know what they decided? They discussed putting further restrictions on things and even the possibility of setting a ceiling limit of 3% for the foreign immigrant population. There are an increasingly large number of these Chinese, Brazilian, Peruvian, etc. workers that come over to do the cheap labor and factory work that Japanese people don't want to do though, and it does put some cultural strain on society. I recently heard that in one prefecture, Mie, 1 in 5 residents is a foreign national.

And all that just because Mr. Noda doesn't wanna bump uglies with his wife. She just wants some loving - come on, give it to her. Don't make her beg for it.


Mike said...

haha..yeah..been reading about this for years. Apparently, if current birth trends continue the Japanese race will cease to exist in like 300 years. It's funny how sex (or lack thereof) can ruin an entire country. The same trends are taking affect over here in Korea too but for different reasons. Reasons I won't elaborate on here. When it comes down to it though, it seems an increasingly large amount of Asians are becoming afraid of vaginas. Ouch.

Anonymous said...

The time has come! Your call of duty! Roam the countryside like a sexual ronin, a masterless samuari of sperm, wielding your flesh-katana in every town. Spread your Durgee-seeds across the land, far and wide like cherry blossoms in the wind.