Thursday, January 04, 2007

Back in the office... for now

So today's the first day back at work for the new year... I guess. We're in the office, but the place is still closed to the public until tomorrow I think. Everyone showed up in suits today, but apparently that memo didn't get around to me. A bunch of the important people around town have come by today to say happy new year, which means lots of bowing.

From here out though, I'm actually taking the next 10 days off to visit Thailand: the land of spicy salads, muay thai, painfully good massages, and clear blue waters. Yesterday I was on a ski slope with -10C(15F) weather, and the day after tomorrow I'll be on a beach with 30C(mid-80's F) weather. I've never been in a country where I couldn't speak the local language before, so this should be a nice little adventure. And with that said, enjoy your frosted lawns and windshields, and I shall see you on the flip side!

I shall leave you with the pride of my weekly picture collection - allow me to present: Monkey Crossing!!! It looks a bit more like a gorilla to me, but whatever it's still cool.

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