Monday, September 03, 2007

Spam - more than just a tasty processed meat product

My friend and roomie Matt got the following lovely morsel in his mailbox today and I had to share:

Ave, my friend

I am both nervous and exciting, and it seems to me that I could not find right words in order to express my aim, my wishes and my dreams... Why am I here? I am here in order to become your angel, to become the part of your heart, to come into your world and to stay there forever. What do I want? I want our hearts to be linked, I want to make this distance shorter with my love to you, I want our hearts to beat together, I want to make you happy with me.
What will you find with me? It will be love and care, passionate and friendship, support and understanding. Words can't longer describe my feelings and wishes, but I know that sea separates us till that special day, I know we take each breath with every beat, and always together ... as one. It is my wish, which I tried to bring
to you....
My soul and heart are waiting for you

Waiting for your response

Spam sometimes is like the stuff that dreams are made of - I don't think I could improve on this any no matter how much I tried, although I urge you by all means to try and do so yourself. The internet is a beautiful thing, and cocaine is a hell of a drug.

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*** maybe nola maybe jelly *** said...

So where can I sign up for spam from Yaroslava???? :)