Monday, December 15, 2008

Who throws a shoe, honestly?

This just in from Iraq:

In the ultimate Islamic sign of disrespect, an Iraqi journalist has thrown his shoes at President (for now) Bush on a surprise visit to the Middle East. When asked about the shoes, Bush responded that they were size 10s. This is just so incredibly comical that I don't really feel the need to comment... just watch!

Update: lol, this just in - rally for "hero" Iraqi shoe-thrower in Baghdad!


Mike said...

You know that Austin Powers quote was just waiting for a day like this so it could shine...

darg said...


guch said...

Anytime you combine a president like Dubya, a war over oil that seems to have produced as many minuses as pluses, and a financially bereft country that suffers from extreme disparities between rich and poor, then pepper it liberally with religious/nationalistic zealots, a shoe-throwing fiasco really isn't such a surprise.. in fact it's small wonder that it hasn't happened earlier..

I'm pretty sure the whole U.S. intervention has left people in Iraq with a lot of mixed emotions, frustration, and a wish to focus their blame on someone or something tangible..

I think the shoe throwing had the desired effect on Bush all the same. It certainly didn't make him look good, (not that there is much out there that could remedy that..), but it is still a pretty comical form of protest to my "western" eyes :) and I'm sure it won't be too funny for the reporter who'll probably find himself in jail or under close scrutiny for some time..

darg said...

Dude, check out the latest:

They're petitioning for their hero's release!