Friday, March 09, 2007

maikeru-jakuson, uii rabu yuu!!!

the king of pop returns from exile

Ok, so first off if you can read the title then you have a chance of understanding what some people's English sounds like out here, and second this one's for George. I heard that this was coming up, but now there's video evidence that a rackload of people did indeed drop 400,000yen (3,500USD) each on a chance to speak with Michael Jackson for literally a few seconds. What do you get for your money? No song and dance, but 2 photos together, a handshake, and about a minute or so talk to Michael Jackson personally. At the end of the video the announcer asks the woman if it was worth it, and she says it's a bargain! I even saw quite a few foreign faces in the crowd, which leads me to believe that people not only paid 400,000 to get in but probably also however much international airfare cost them to get over here in the first place as well.

And from the sounds of it, you might want to get used to Michael coming out of his little hole in the sand next to Bin Laden as I hear he's trying to get the Jackson 5 back together to do some shows in Vegas. If he was smart he'd stay out here in Japan though... it's normal to be attracted to kids out here and I'm sure they'd pay more. That, and he seems to be received much better just about anywhere outside the US, but I guess in the end there's no replacement for home.

Oh and btw, this post brought to you by my new favorite source of news from Japan (bizarre or otherwise), Japan Probe.

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