Monday, January 21, 2008

The most obnoxious 16yo in our lifetimes

Ok, I just have to post about this kid... you may have seen or heard about him in the news. So long story short, there's this 16yo from Melbourne who threw a house party while his parental units were out of town, 10 people becomes 50 becomes 500 and the cops are after them with dogs and a ghetto bird trying to quell a veritable riot of underage drunkards pillaging the streets. The aftermath? 20,000AD in fines and a helluva lot of explaining to do when the 'rents get home.

Words cannot describe how comical this is... a kid has a party that gets so out of hand that it makes national, nay international news??? Do yourself a favor and strap yourself in for the next 3:26, because you need to watch this video right now... and then maybe click on some of the follow-up ones that are linked, which are almost as funny. Is this really real???

PS: Terps beat #1 UNC- WOOOO!!! ...and I want those glasses, bad.

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