Sunday, March 02, 2008

The joys of the internet: Googling

So the other day I get this mail from a translator's site that I happen to be registered to which, from time to time happens. This one was weird though - it was from someone back home saying they forgot the addy to this site and, apparently with it my email as well. I thought it rather odd, but it got me to thinking how she came about such avenues - so I Googled myself.

If you haven't tried it before I highly suggest it. So what shows up for me? Well depending on if you use my proper name or not (with or without the trailing 'las', and note to mom: 'Doglas' just comes up with a bunch of people making careless errors *cough cough*) and whether you use quotes, you'll get anything from translation stuff to autocross records to capoeira to stuff about me up in Miyagi. I was amused, but my thirst for entertainment not yet quenched I pressed on.

What about friends?

Well George is no surprise - you come up with a bunch of stuff about someone in the highest echelons of the nerd faction with GNU/Linux links along with Audi/Porsche links-o-plenty.

My dad's comes up with a whole bunch of random stuff... and my translator's profile??

Emi has some links from school/hockey and youtube/Myspace links up at the top, but if you venture further down the list you come across a female Japanese pro wrestling championship (her namesake looks rather nice from behind but fights dirty - not to far off the mark? ;P), references to some Japanese porn stars and models, and a link to a cool live action movie about a ninja chick. The secret underground life of Emi? Hawtness.

Davis's was random - at the top was this picture which has scarred me for... atleast the next 15 mins. or so. Apparently he's actually a half-nekkid old guy jumping for glee at a funrun. So graceful.

Mike is totally overshadowed by some l33t g4m0r CEO from the land Down Under that undoubtedly has sk1llz that rival the Ownerer - I couldn't even find one link I thought was actually talking about him. To be fair, I didn't/can't search in Korean... if the other guy is all that comes up even in Korean then I dunno what to tell you Mike, I guess your name's too common!

The Coup de Grace though must be Matt - he does show up with some work-related links and such, even in French and Korean which is cool. His is, however, a sad case that does not have a happy ending - or beginning as it were. You see, the first few entries that come up for his name are that of a certain child molesting teacher, with mugshots and even a news line reading "teacher arraigned on 4 sex charges". Man, I had no idea my party-minded roomie and partner in crime was actually a criminal! ;P Matt now has the lofty goal of hunting this miscreant down and punching him in his happy place for public besmirchment and humiliation.

Many others just came up with standard work related stuff, but it was an enjoyable way to spend some time so I recommend it. And by the way- Googling phone numbers and addresses also works! Woo technology.


Mike said...

So that's the guy I have to murder to become "m_fegan1" in yahoo...

Since I was intrigued as to what my name in korean would turn up in google korea, I typed it in and lo and behold:

I can't believe they had a profile of me from that movie I didn't act in 13 years ago. I was apparently black back then too.

Oh and it's spelled "Pagan" instead of "Fegan" because in Korean, both of those last names would be spelled and pronounced the same.

darg said...

Dammit Mike, you're site is boycotting ppl from Japanese servers or something because when I put that in the url bar it just spews some squiggles at me and sends me back on my merry way.

And yes, my way is rather merry- falalalala.