Sunday, March 02, 2008

Stuff White People Like

There are plenty of things that all white people like with little to no exception, such as:
I am white and therefore like all these things - if you're white then you do too, even if you don't realize it yet. For further documentation on stuff that I like, check out this link. If you are not white but would like to act like you are, look to this as an instructional guide into the inner depths of the mystique that is yuppie white culture.


Mike said...


1) Well, I do like bottled water, but probably not any more than I like tap water or cooler water. I guess I just like water in general.

2) I obviously like studying abroad. >.>

3) Ditto

4) I don't really care if im the only white person around or not. As long as I'm not the only person around, I'm happy.

5)I liked Mos Def up until about 6 years ago. His new efforts are "meh". So I don't know where this leaves me for this question. Score it a 1/2.

6) Everyone likes the Daily Show.

7) This is a big, fat no for me. Canada is probably the last place on the planet earth I would want to move to. After maybe Mozambique.

8) I don't have the choice but to like Japan. One quarter of the blood in my body compels me.

So I'm 4 1/2 out of 8 white. Which means Irish people must have never been able to turn white afterall.

Plus my penis is huge and purple.

darg said...

Umm... yeah, I dunno where that last comment groups you, but looks like someone forgot to read the small print! See, even if you don't think you like this stuff, deep down inside you do since you're white. Stop repressing the inner whitey and just let him free!!

I do realize though that as you said a full quarter of you flows with the blood of mikans and tuna juices of Japan, so I'm gonna say that gives you a 25% reprieve and a score of 4.5/6.

Oh, and I don't really follow the Canada one either per se, but think about it- are either of us living in our country of origin, hmm??? So that gets us up to 5.5/6. Damn you're white!!

Welcome to the fold. ;P
Oh, and check out the site if you're bored - some of them are pretty damn funny.

Mike said...

Mike said...

I'm stealing some of your penis pictures...

Now THAT sounds gay when taken out of context, eh?