Sunday, October 29, 2006

Blisters... woo!!!

YESSSSSssssss - I have the most awesome blisters in the world right now! They take up just about the entire front half of both my feet and are absolutely fantabulously spectacularific! If you're wondering why I'm so excited about such a weird thing as this, then I would have to come to one of 2 conclusions: 1) you're new around here and didn't know that I'm a total freak of nature sometimes or 2) you don't know what I'm about to tell you because I haven't told you yet. Yeah.

So here goes - the reason. I just got back from my first trip to the capoeira group in Sendai that I've known about for months but haven't gotten out to yet. It's on Sunday nights at 6pm, which means I have to rush to get out to it if I work that day, like I did today. Totally worth it though. They don't actually have a teacher per se, but there are a few people there that are pretty good... definitely good enough to teach me a thing or two and get me back up to speed from my extended hiatus of capoeira-ing. I'm so out of practice it's not even funny. Ok, so maybe it's a little funny. Go ahead and yuck it up if you like laughing at other people's misery - hahaha.

So yeah, if you're totally out of the loop and don't know what capoeira is and don't feel like clicking on the link, basically it's a Brazilian martial art that resembles a dance and is purportedly the forefather to breakdancing. I did it for like 4 months or so down in Chiba when I was there and it was a blast - totally looking forward to getting back into it from here on out.

So yeah - blisters... woo!!!

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