Friday, October 06, 2006

I need work, foo!!

So you might be wondering what exactly I do on a daily basis - most of you probably aren't, but I'm still going to tell you. Just act like your interested and it'll all be over soon. Seriously though, my job rocks hardcore! So first off, let me show you my event schedule for the next month or so:

10/1: 3rd annual opera classic - Shichigahama's Awabi Legend. I wore a suit and did greeting and passing out pamphlets in addition to helping out with the kids.
10/9: International Cafe Chat. Talking about different tea traditions as an excuse to get all the grannies in the town to come out and talk to the local white guy.
10/13-15: 15th annual Sendai Arts Festival presents the Brother's Legend. The play I'm in. I play a drunk American soldier, so I cuss and fight and dance with cabaret girls and... generally act the fool. No problem there.
10/18: Mid-year Miyagi Prefectural training session. Attendance manditory. There's only 5 CIRs in Miyagi, so from the sounds of it we're going to meet up over coffee and just talk about what we do on the daily and how we could do more. I heard someone suggest going to Starbuck's. ;P
10/21: Whiskey Tasting! My first official event of my very own. I've bought 25 bottles of whisk(e)y, including 3 ages of 2 different categories of Scotch whisky, some bourbon, some Irish whiskey, a Canadian whiskey, and a Tennessee whiskey. We're expecting the attendance to surpass 60 people (I'm hoping for much more, actually).
11/1: Halloween party. The kids love this one apparently - we're going to have a haunted house and take them out trick-or-treating in some house in which we've planted some candy. I'm carving up a jack-o-lantern and dressing up to try and scare the crap out of little kids, so I hope they bring their spare underoos.
11/5: Guy Fawkes Day - bonfire on the beach. This one isn't set in stone yet, but is up in the air as a possibility. I still have to iron out the details. Sounds like fun though!

In addition to this I do school visits on a weekly basis and am heading up meetings for the local inter- national club. I might tell you more about it later, but for now I'll just say that the kids hang all over me... I sign autographs (lol), and yesterday someone called me a "super saiya-jin." Maybe I'll have to grow my hair out a little longer (see picture). I had a couple kids that just wanted to touch my hair, including arm and leg hair, and then shake my hand and stuff like that.

I've made up a couple powerpoint presentations which I work off of - I teach them stuff about foreign culture in Japanese. This month was all about halloween, so I broke into our generously abundant stash of decorations and picked out some stuff, including a fake jack-o-lantern and some tunes to show to the kiddies. They ate it up.

You should see what some of the full-time teachers out here get to deal with on the daily... check out my buddy Matt's blog (sugoigaijin) in the links section for some classic stories. This other guy that works at a problem school a little further out was telling me that one of his students got arrested last year after he stabbed a cop trying to steal his gun! *o_O*

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